Starting 16/03/2023 to 18/03/2020


IT students and professionals in Algiers.

Project and Submission Requirements

Participants are required to submit the following items before the submission deadline :

  • The link of the Prototype for the application's UI
  • The link to the GitHub Repository hosting the solution
  • The link to the pitch presentation

And they can submit any other links related to their solution.


- First three : Gaming Pack
- First place : VR kit

Judging Criteria 

  • Idea
    - Innovation potential of the idea - Adherence to the selected topic - Use of proposed levers - Impact on the users - Its business relevance
  • Design
    - Usability (interaction, visual and emotional design) - Functional scope (design completion
  • Development
    Quality and Completeness of the prototype + demo
  • Presentation
    - Quality of the presentation - Clarity, Effectiveness, Completeness - The interest raised in the audience